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Food Handler Arizona

Arizona Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate

Each Arizona food establishment that serves food which requires time/temperature control for food safety shall have at least one (1) Certified Food Protection Manager also known as Food Safety Manager or Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM) on staff. The CPFM shall either be physically present or available by electronic or telephonic means whenever the food establishment is in operation.

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Candidates shall obtain a CPFM Certificate after successful completion of a test from a Food Manager Certification program as described in the 2013 FDA Food Code, § 2-102.20.  Fidelity Safety & Training is a provider of ANSI-Accredited food manager examinations and certificates. The certificate is valid for a period of five years as of the time testing was completed. Re-testing is required after the certificate has expired. Each food establishment shall maintain on its premises a separate file containing a copy of the certified food protection manager certificate(s) for each food service manager. This file shall be accessible to the Environmental Health Officer for review upon request.

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