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Certified Food Safety Manager Training and Examinations

Food Handlers California

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Food Safety Manager In-person Classroom Course and Examination:

  • In-person Course & Examination – $169.00 per person (Discounts are available click here > >.)
  • In-person Exam Only – $109.00 (Does not include the course.)
  • In-person Re-Test – $79.00 (Failed the exam in the last six months, includes in-person course and exam.)

I'm in a big hurry, can you help?

After you complete the online registration process, you will be emailed confirmation and receipt of your registration. Most health departments accept this confirmation until you receive your certificate after completing the class/exam.  After the exam, you will know your results immediately and can download your certificate the next day. Register here > >.

Can the examination be taken online, for example, on my home computer?

NO – we are not offering this service at this time. Click here > > to view our current class/exam schedule.

Can I study at home and take an exam by appointment?

No, not at this time. Please view our current schedule.

Do you offer online training?

Yes, we offer many different types of online training courses, and you may view our course catalog by clicking here > >.

Where and when are your courses?

California Schedule Click here > >
We will come to your business or school anywhere in Western US to conduct a private course and exam if you have 12 or more people. Contact us > > for more information.

What's included in the price for the course and exam?

Our in-person classes are in ENGLISH, but the exam is available in English and Spanish. Our classes are educational, entertaining, and divided into lectures, discussions, handouts, and a visual presentation. The course teaches food service managers and food handlers how to protect against foodborne illness outbreaks, reduce liability risks, and improve food quality. The cost includes an exam review presentation, class book and handout, Q&A, exams, and certificates for those that successfully pass the exam. The instructor will briefly review the current FDA Food Code, and the class is typically 3.5 – 4.0 hours, including two to three short breaks.

How do I register and pay by check or cash for a course?

To register and guarantee your seat, payment must be received at least one week before the class/exam date. Please make the check payable to Fidelity Safety & Training LLC and mail it to PO Box 1571, Jamestown, CA 95327. Payment is required before services are performed. Hurry, classes fill up quickly and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

If seats are available, we allow attendees to pay at the door. The “at-the-door price” is full price ($169 for the class/exam or $109 for the exam only). No discounts or coupons are accepted. Contact us before the course or the exam to ensure seats are available. Payment is required before services are performed.

What payment types are accepted?

Major credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and money orders. We also accept purchase orders from school districts and local, state, or federal government agencies. Invoiced accounts are due Net 30. Statements over 60 days past due are subject to interest at 1.5% per month. Payment or purchase order is required before services are performed. Hurry, classes fill up quickly and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who is responsible for paying for the course and the exam?

This is up to the employee and employer to work out.

What language is the course and exam?

Our in-person instructor-led food manager courses are half-day programs in ENGLISH followed by a bilingual (English and Spanish), 75 multiple-choice examination. Exam-only options are also available.

What if I require special accommodations?

Fidelity Safety & Training LLC complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Potential examinees with documented disabilities may request necessary aids and services for in-person classes/exams, as long as they do not fundamentally alter the measurement of the exam skills or knowledge. Contact us at least 30 days before the scheduled in-person exam date.

What is the difference between the brands NRFSP, ServSafe, Responsible Training, and others?

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), ServSafe, Responsible Training, Always Food Safe, and others are all county, state, and nationally accredited food safety programs/exams by ANAB/ANSI. Some corporations have internal policies requiring a specific exam. If no such policy exists, then any ANSI/ANAB certifications are acceptable. Fidelity Safety & Training LLC currently provides Responsible Training, NRFSP, or ServSafe. However, for private classes/exams, you may request a different brand, but additional charges may apply, and you must request this change at least 30 days in advance. To view the complete list of ANSI/ANAB Accredited food manager exams., click here > >.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, sign up for our quarterly food safety newsletter, and you can save up to $169 by signing up for our Coupons and Newsletter. To sign up, click here > >.

We also discount active-duty military, Veterans, and school employees. Save $20 per person – Send us an email or use your cell phone to text (SMS) a photo of your district or military I.D. for a coupon code. Send an SMS. Send an Email.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Contact our office immediately. We can almost always work with you if you contact us before the course date. If you wish to cancel your class/exam, request to do so with at least 14-day notice. A refund can be issued minus a 10% cancellation fee. The request shall be made by contacting us > > or replying to our email confirmation. You may send another employee in your place without penalty, but please notify us > > or reply to our email confirmation with the new attendee’s full name and email address before the class/exam.

If you wish to reschedule your class/exam, request to do so with at least 14 days’ notice. The request shall be made by contacting us > > or replying to our email confirmation. Only one reschedule is permitted per registrant.

We charge the total price for no-shows or cancellations within 14 days of a scheduled class/exam. Absolutely no refunds will be issued for cancellations on the day of the class/exam — no matter how creative or legitimate the excuse. We know this can be firm, but our team needs time to communicate with many sources already committed. If we cancel the course due to low enrollment, you may choose another course date or a full refund. We cannot refund you for any products we sell in our online store.

What if I lost or misplaced my certificate?

Can I get the directions to the courses?

What if I only want to take the exam?

You may take the in-person exam only for $109. Select the “exam only” product when you register by clicking here > >.

Do you conduct private group training and exams?

We will visit your business anywhere in the Western US to conduct a private course and exam if you have 12 or more people. Contact us for more information.

What if I fail the exam?

An English speaker with a high school or above education rarely fails the exam after taking one of our review courses. If you fail, you may take the exam over as many times as necessary, and we charge $79 for the in-person course and to retake the exam.  Click here, select the location, and select the “re-test” product. To successfully pass the exam, we recommend that you study the Food Safety Manager book (an optional book available in English or Spanish, or you may use a book from a previous course) and be able to read, write, and understand English, Spanish, or the language you requested the exam in. Purchase study materials here > >.

Do you offer a course or study book?

Yes, our food safety books are inexpensive and optional. Feel free to study from an old book or a book from a previous or different class. If needed, we offer two different books for sale, an English Food Safety Manager book, and a Spanish NEHA Food Manager book. To view all of our products, click here > >.

Where can I view all the policies?

When will I receive my certificate?

If you take our online exam following an in-person class, you will know your results immediately and you may download your certificate the next day. For information about lost certificates, click here >>.

What’s the difference between a Food Safety Manager Certificate and a Food Handler Card?

Certified Food Manager: In CA and most states, the law requires each retail food facility to have at least one owner, manager, supervisor, or other person certified as a Certified Food Manager, also known as ServSafe® or Food Protection Manager, within 60 days of employment. If you own/manage two or more kitchens/restaurants, you need one person with a Food Safety Manager Certificate at each location. Renewal is required every five years. Check with your state or county for more information.

Food Handler Card: In CA and most states, dishwashers, servers, cooks, bartenders, and others that handle or prepare food or beverages must obtain a Food Handler Card within 30 days of employment, and cards must be renewed every three years. If you possess a Certified Food Safety Manager Certificate, you do not need a Food Handler Card. Food Handler Cards may be obtained online at

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