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Lost Food Safety Manager Certificate

Development of the exams including, grading, scoring, certificate printing, and mailing of the certificate is done by an ANSI approved third-party per CA law. Fidelity Safety & Training LLC is not responsible for lost, missing, and or damaged certificates. Before the exam, candidates are asked to use a legitimate USPS mailing address, preferably a home address or PO box (unless their company tells them differently) on their examination answer sheet. Candidates are also reminded to print neatly.

If you lost, misplaced or never received your “manager” certificate and would like a duplicate certificate, you may order a new one.

If you took your exam with Fidelity Safety & Training LLC BEFORE May 1, 2016, please contact NRFSP at 800-446-0257 or go to Be prepared to provide your exam date, full name, and mailing address. $20 fee. 

If you took your exam with Fidelity Safety & Training LLC AFTER May 1, 2016, please call Prometric at 800-624-2736. Be prepared to provide your exam date, exam city, full name, and the mailing address used on your answer sheet. There may be a $25 fee to change your mailing address or to request a duplicate copy.

If you took an online food “handler” course and exam and lost the food “handler” certificate, click here.

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